Earthquake Repairs

With a background in engineering as well as extensive experience in the construction industry, there are no jobs or projects that are too difficult. We actually enjoy the tricky jobs and actively seek out the more challenging of projects where other companies would pass them up. Having said that, we apply our drive and professionalism to all jobs that we are carrying out.

With the Fletchers earthquake repair (EQR) scheme winding down, the focus is now shifting to the homeowner to choose their own contractor to complete the repairs on their home. Although this change gives you, as the homeowner, more power to ensure the quality of repairs, with it is the burden of ensuring your property is properly scoped.  

Butterfield Home Renovations has been running opt out projects since 2011 making us one of the most experienced companies in the area of earthquake renovations.

We offer full service project management.
The cost of our service is included in the pricing for the repair project submitted to EQC or Insurance companies, so you pay nothing for using us

Butterfield Home Renovations has been accredited by Hawkins Construction and Arrow International to repair residential properties that have damage exceeding $100,000. Generally these properties have quite technically challenging repair requirements, which is the type of project that we excel at.

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