Tools and resources

Planning Tools and Checklists

Below is our library of downloadable tools and resources.  They are all free and will help you plan your upcoming renovations/alterations.

At the moment we are concentrating on renovating bathrooms but we will be ever expanding the library so be sure to check back to see what we have added.


Bathroom planner- Use the bathroom template to trial different bathroom layouts.

Simply draw your bathroom to scale, marking out the position of all the doors and windows.  Then select the fixtures and fittings you would like and lay them out on the grid.  This way you can trial different layouts and fixture sizes to help achieve the most optimum bathroom for your needs.


The bathroom checklists will ask a number of questions to ensure that you have considered all the uses and options for your bathroom including some you probably wouldn't have thought off.  Just print off the checklists that are relevant and carefully work your way through them. Once complete you will have a good picture of the bathroom that's going to suit your needs and will help us develop a solution you will be happy with.

General Bathroom Checklist

Bath Checklist

Fittings Checklist

Shower Checklist

Toilet Checklist

Vanity Checklist


Be sure to check out our Guides and Advice page for further help in planning your bathroom renovation.  It contains practical advice such as how to make the most of a small space and how to select your bathroom fittings. 

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